Radiolab - The Cold War

Heated passions flare in a world of frozen treats

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Matt Williamson
Matt WilliamsonHunter@mattcwill · Chief of Staff, Waldschmidt Partners
"One sunny day in the summer of 2009, a minivan plastered with ice cream stickers rolled up on a three-wheeled truckster topped with a large plastic vanilla ice cream cone. That moment launched a turf war, a stand-off between childhood dreams and free market principles. Writer Joshua Davis and Josh Bearman take us to the battfield of Salem, Oregon, where two ice cream truck vendors reveal that heated passions can flare in a world of frozen treats. Ultimately, their cold conflict sheds light on what ice cream, and finally America, should be ... and what it really is. Produced by Matt Kielty The Cold War was first written by David Wolman and Julian Smith. It was edited by Joshua Davis and Joshuah Bearman and published by Epic Magazine."