Hand curated multi lingual online radio stations is a beautifully designed & hand curated list of online multilingual radio stations. Music inspires. Music is one of the most relatable and loved way to enjoy, express and calm yourself.

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​Thank you for the post, @vennindoubt! We started working on Radiohere for the last one and a half months, soon after my wife Lakshmi discovered that listening to online music was still a pain. She used to get bored of her music lists really quickly and it was exhaustive and time consuming to wade through huge collections to build a curated list which would expire soon. Being 90's kids in India, the nostalgia of listening to radios was strong in us, and the serendipity of discovering something fresh was un-explainable. Working on a solution, we came up with Radiohere - a curated online radio destination for Indian music lovers. We focused on minimalism, beauty and function so much that the outcome is super intuitive and clean, giving an immersive experience. You almost forget that it's so smooth in the background. The keyboard controls are super smooth to navigate through the stations for a particular language in India. This is something so simple, yet unavailable in any other raw radio aggregation websites. We'd love to hear what the ProductHunt community thinks of Radiohere. Thank you once again!
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@manikandanux Super news on the development of the product :)
Loved the product. Esp the design - Simple yet highly focussed on usability
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@srikanthch10 Thank you so much :) . Yeah our main focus was on usability and experience.
Love the simplicity. But, any reason why the whole site is mono color? (Just red/white/gray)
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@nyn Thank you for loving the simplicity :) Initially we thought of making the website simple and easy for everyone to use. Will continuously improve it upon the feedbacks and comments
Great site :). One suggestion is that it will be great if the player keeps playing even if we navigate like how soundcloud does. Love it!
@harish_annam That's some serious feedback. Will work on this in the coming update.
@harish_annam Yeah, sounds great! But the difference is that we don't know what we are going to play when it comes to navigating radios. In grooveshark / playlists we know. So wondering how much difference this makes. It would be great if we can get some kind of a metadata ticker about the current program / theme going on live on the radio stations saying, for example, "80's Bollywood songs" or "Hello Baengaluru with Danish Sait" and so on. But for this the api exposed by radio stations would have to support the metadata. Then the navigate and select becomes more useful, without changing the current station. It adds meaning to the ability to choose.
@harish_annam You saved me typing.
@manuraveendran My point was totally different. When you go to a different page, the player stops playing. I was suggesting to make the player continue playing at the background without stopping. Try soundcloud. When you play a song and then click on other links and navigate, it doesn't stop that song, it will continue playing unless you select a second song
@harish_annam Ah, got it! I agree. Sorry about my unrelated rant! :)
Wow! This one has a very premium feel to it! And no confusion on how to use. One click and you start listening! Very nicely done up! What is your revenue model? Is it online advertising? Or radio companies paying to be up there on the top charts? And what is your growth plan?
@manusrikumar Haven't gone really far ahead thinking about monetization yet. Any ideas welcome
@juhulmania @manusrikumar If you make this a paid app, I'd gladly buy.
@juhulmania @manusrikumar yup maybe make it into a mac app and charge for it as VOX does: