Open source macOS menubar app to listen to streaming radio

RadioBar is a macOS menubar app to play user-defined radio stations with help from rumps and VLC. It includes a remote to switch channels, on/off, pause/resume etc.

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Maarten den Braber
Digital health strategist
I enjoy listening to streaming / online radio and easily switch channels, on/off etc using my keyboard. I used to use a very old version of fStream to do so, but that doesn't work anymore under macOS Mojave. So I've forked wass3r/RadioBar to build a simple, small open source menubar app for macOS to listen to online radio. It includes a simple script to switch channels, pause/resume etc. (which can be used with Alfred or other launcher). Built with Python, rumps and vlc.
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Csaba Kissi
Serial maker
Wow man! I' m a big fan of menu bar apps on Mac and didn't know about rumps. I've created menu bar apps in electron unfortunately even I don't show browser windows the memory usage is quite high (over 60MB). Also the installation package is only 6MB in compare to 55MB of the electron app. I was playing with rumps/python this afternoon. Thanks for the tip man! 👍
Steve HarmanProduct Manager (web & mobile)
Very promising & just what I was looking for. Although currently I get an error building the app. Have logged an issue.
I'm having some troubles making the executable file. I'm just new to the world of programming and hoping for someone to help me with this issue. Maybe a more detailed instruction document or video? Anyway, thanks!