Open source macOS menubar app to listen to streaming radio

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 02, 2019

RadioBar is a macOS menubar app to play user-defined radio stations with help from rumps and VLC. It includes a remote to switch channels, on/off, pause/resume etc.

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I enjoy listening to streaming / online radio and easily switch channels, on/off etc using my keyboard. I used to use a very old version of fStream to do so, but that doesn't work anymore under macOS Mojave. So I've forked wass3r/RadioBar to build a simple, small open source menubar app for macOS to listen to online radio. It includes a simple script to switch channels, pause/resume etc. (which can be used with Alfred or other launcher). Built with Python, rumps and vlc.
Wow man! I' m a big fan of menu bar apps on Mac and didn't know about rumps. I've created menu bar apps in electron unfortunately even I don't show browser windows the memory usage is quite high (over 60MB). Also the installation package is only 6MB in compare to 55MB of the electron app. I was playing with rumps/python this afternoon. Thanks for the tip man! πŸ‘
Very promising & just what I was looking for. Although currently I get an error building the app. Have logged an issue.