Radio Garden

Browse thousands of live radio streams around the world

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This popped up in my Twitter feed today. It's a pretty awesome way to browse the history and live feeds of radio stations across the globe. The history element is a nice touch. Slick interface too. Well done guys.
Really getting into this. I gave up on searching for indie radio a long time ago.
The second time this is popping up for me today. Great site, I love listening the random radio from all over the world.
This is the nicest thing I've seen in a while. That I can look at a place in the world and hear the radio that's playing there, that's incredible. Yeah, the age of the internet, nothing new, but it feels like I'm going there. It's one thing to find a radio station from Alaska and tune in to that and a totally different thing to point your mouse at it and kind-of be there. Do you know what I mean? One wish I would have is to be able to mark some stations as favourites to come back to them later. Great work, I love it.
very nice.