Radical MOOV

Mark Cuban's un-hoverboard, America's next big rideable

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Great product! Feature suggestion: Include an "Arm-Strap" to fit through the handle slot so users can sling it over their shoulder rather than having to occupy a hand, carrying the device. It's a simple solution which will enhance UX. Thank you for the inspiration and best regards, JB.
Looks really run and well made. Weight of 24 lbs sounds pretty heavy, but guessing that quality construction and more batteries could make this unavoidable. Retail of $1500 is no joke. Perhaps that's the price you have to pay to not burn your house down. Was making this a single platform vs ankle twisters part of the original concept? Or did that evolve from testing different prototypes? I like @jay_bee12345 idea of a shoulder strap. I've wished the same for my electric skateboard
Isn't this a bit too late and a bit too expensive. Also in NYC, hover boards are banned because somehow they consider it a motor vehicle like a car, so I'm interested in how they were able to get past that. It looks nice though, definitely would want to try one.
Looks fun, I might give it a go. All the best
Looks rad 🖖