Radical Focus

Achieving your most important goals with objectives

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Jen Granito Ruffner
Jen Granito RuffnerHunter@jeng24 · Product Manager at Kifi
Everyone can find something they can relate to and learn from in this story. Also the lessons stayed very top of mind for me, probably because stick with you because it's a short book. If you liked "The 5 dysfunctions of a team" and care about OKRs then you'll love this.
Christina Wodtke
Christina WodtkeMaker@cwodtke · Associate Professor, CCA
HI! My name is Christina Wodtke, and I'm the author of Radical focus. So excited to be hunted today! Let me know if you have any questions about this book!
Christina Wodtke
Christina WodtkeMaker@cwodtke · Associate Professor, CCA
Oh, I hear you like discounts! If you buy direct from the printer https://www.createspace.com/6026177 and enter code V7M3ZRJQ you can get 20% off!
Victor Lombardi
Victor Lombardi@threefour · Co-founder, Nickel
@cwodtke Thanks! Just ordered, looking forward to it.
Christina Wodtke
Christina WodtkeMaker@cwodtke · Associate Professor, CCA
@threefour Let me know what you think, or if you have more questions! :)
Ryan Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins@ryanthejenks · Product Manager, Degreed
@cwodtke Will this book be available on Audible or Google Play Books anytime soon?
Josh Seiden
Josh Seiden@jseiden · Principal, Neo
Christina is a wonderful explainer of things. No BS. Straight to the point. Practical and sound.
Scott Ruffner
Scott Ruffner@scottruffner · PM Dropcam
Reading this book will probably be cathartic and inspiring for anyone from an executive to a product manager. The book accurately shows that any number of performance or focus challenges that you and your teams may be experiencing are not unique. The book incredibly effectively demonstrates the thinking tweaks and simple process updates to get back on track. Our VP at Nest bought a copy for everyone on the team.
Laura Klein
Laura Klein@lauraklein · Principal, Users Know
This book is fantastic for anybody running a company or managing a team. It's quick and fun to read, and it absolutely cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had around OKRs.