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Got an advance copy and it was excellent!!! Top 3 business books I've read in the last 5 years. The Radical Candor podcast has also changed how I manage my team.
A++ business management ideas that are wildly applicable to all aspects of life. If you work, live, whatever with other human beings, this book helps. :) Kim is a stellar writer. A joy to see these ideas in print.
So so incredibly good. I am deeply cynical about almost all "management / leadership" books. this one is different in every way. First, Kim is awesome and a proven leader with experience at or around the most innovative and successful companies in recent history. Second, she is able to distill the essence of being a leader through a series of compelling and authentic stories. Last, it's accessible and directly applicable immediately! I have been fortunate to get to know Kim and work with her throughout my career. She's a real gem...and I am so incredibly happy that she channeled her experience and vast energy into something so valuable and helpful. I sincerely wished that I had this book 20 years ago.
Kim is one of the wisest managers I've ever come across. The frameworks in this book are truly paradigm-altering. It's so seldom you come across truly NEW advice in this realm, but Kim offers exactly that.
I'm a huge fan of Radical Candor, and of Kim Scott. This feedback framework is applicable to any relationship, not just for a leader.