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The features are great and the colors are so nice.
@allisonveronica Thanks Allison! Our CMF team spent a lot of time & energy onsite at each of our suppliers color matching every part, from the handles to the wheels and zippers, so each color is sure to be a head turner!
They make an effort to ensure waterproofing on the zipper, but what about the USB ports? Any concern with the battery and getting water inside? Is there a cover for the ports when they're not in use?
@jeffandersen Raden has done extensive lifetime testing to ensure there are no issues with humidity / water infiltration based on the location of our USB ports. The interior electronics are completely sealed and the battery & bluetooth circuit boards are protected by a secure, water-proof neoprene pouch that is attached to a metal backplate that keeps everything in place and well protected during the rough conditions of transit.
Happy with my Bluesmart and love the space. What does the interior look like? Didn't see any pictures
@frankdenbow The product pages show a close up of the details of the inside, and the "Pack it in" module shows it clearly from bird's eye view. See here: https://www.raden.com/products/a...
I like the simple design and that it comes in a bunch of colors. Would love to see an expansion zipper, especially on the carry-on version.
@tomaswilliamsa Thanks for your feedback Tomas! We opted to maximize the volume of our A22 case based on the recommended carry-on dimensions set by most airlines, so expansion zippers may pose an issue on that front. But, it's definitely something we'll consider for future product lines.
Agree, even though it's clearly a premium product, I'm not paying 3-5x the price for something that will be thrown around and broken by your average baggage handler (I don't care how strong it is, it will still get scratched up at the least).
@yozzozo or you buy quality luggage that doesn't break. Cheap stuff fails and you buy it over again, in the end you actually spend 3-5x without realizing you are doing it.
@jeff_nolan @yozzozo Raden uses only the highest quality parts on the entire case. The luggage is assembled by world renowned polycarbonate luggage manufacturer in Taiwan, alongside production lines where Tumi and Samsonite bags are made. All of the sub-assembly parts are also made by best in class suppliers, from the Japanese Hinomoto wheels, to the highest caliber trolley & carry handle suppliers to the world's largest zipper & TSA approved lock manufacturers. All the parts have been custom designed by Raden, so you won't find them on any other cases.
@justseid How would you compare your products to Rimowa?
@jeff_nolan We've benchmarked the performance & durability of Raden against the highest caliber suitcases on the market including Rimowa. Our wheels are 360 degree silent spinners and glide incredibly smoothly, and the durability of our polycarbonate shells is very high. Check out the product pages on our website -- you can see we went to lengths to show the durability of our cases, including someone jumping on them to show that they don't crack and bounce back into their original shape. We've also added a special Mica + Titanium Dioxide resin to our polycarbonate that enhances the hardness of the plastic, as well as adds glossiness to their sheen. Bottom line: Raden was designed & engineered to be the best performing product in the category, and we're exclusively using only the highest quality parts to support that.
@justseid the wheels are key, along with a handle that doesn't twist while extended. I am going to order one, thanks