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NICE! I feel like a broken record (no pun intended) but I've been hoping for a Turntable.fm-like experience and this might be it. Glad to see both iOS and Mac apps are available. Yo, @suzywillow! Download this now. ๐Ÿ˜€
@suzywillow @rrhoover Glad you like it! i loved turntable too, we're just trying to focus on making the experience more casual and free-flowing.
Nice jobs guys ! I work also in same concept ( http://wetune.fm ). The hardest part is to plug user with similar music lover's profile...
@fabs_31 wetune is cool. we should connect some time.
i don't hate this at all.
Really nice job. This was a feature we had in the pipeline for Choosic haha. I think you guys executed it very well, especially with the Mac app too! Keep up the good work.
@chrisunderdown Thanks for the support, Chris. Sincerely appreciate it. Working away at some pretty exciting stuff. Choosic is very cool is well -- congrats on that. Would be great to connect some time
Interesting that the Mac app won't launch without a Facebook account connected
@jesephm working away on decoupling the two! Appreciate you checking it out though.