Radar Relay

Secure cryptocurrency trading directly from your wallet

We're excited to launch v1 today.

Radar Relay is a peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x Protocol. Radar Relay operates an order book and relays orders between peers while never holding any assets in custody.

Get in touch with us on Twitter or join our Telegram: https://t.me/Radar_Relay

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Alan Curtis
CEO at Radar Relay
Hey, Product Hunters!  Today we launched v1 of Radar Relay and are coming out of beta. When we launched the Radar Relay beta, we took a leap of faith in taking on the challenges of creating a new category and bringing control back to traders. Nine months later, the answer is clear, the response has been humbling, and we are one step closer to onboarding the world to the token economy. Thrilled to be on Product Hunt today.  From a technical standpoint v1 updates include: - Improved user onboarding process - An intuitive tool that guides you through the process of connecting wallets and enabling tokens for trading - Newly created APIs - New SDK https://developers.radarrelay.com/ But this is more than just a technical update, throughout the beta stage, we've added more than 170 ERC-20 tokens, facilitated more than $150 million USD in trading volume, and saw the average trade size increase by a factor of 40. We are excited to evolve past the traditional exchange with the creation of wallet-to-wallet trading. Community ask: A lot of user feedback had been taken into consideration as we built v1 with new features and improved functionality. We'd love to hear your thoughts, and as a token of our appreciation, all Product Hunt users who complete a user interview with our team will receive Radar swag (think stickers, shirts, or maybe even a Ledger). We're looking to interview those who have used (or attempted to use) Radar Relay. You can schedule a time with our team https://calendly.com/radaruserre...   Our team will be answering questions on Product Hunt today, you can also reach us on Twitter or Telegram.
Fletcher Richman
CEO, Halp: Slack-first ticketing
I've been using Radar since it launched. Even though they said it was "beta" it has always worked flawlessly. My favorite part is the ability to trade directly from my Ledger! Congrats on the launch @alanjamescurtis and team!
Michael DunworthProduct @ Wyre
Mega mega fan. So crisp on the UX, and really love the DEX space. Keep crushing it!
Radar RelayRadar Relay
@michaeldunwort1 Thanks Michael! We appreciate it. Ill make sure to pass along the kind words to our design team.

Compared to centralised exchanges (like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, GDAX etc) its off putting doing the extra steps to wrap your Ether and activate a payment channel but you make it back in happiness in not having to pay crazy exchange fees.


Great design, on boarding and available tokens. Nothing on the exchange just wallet to wallet.


Multiple transactions with the blockchain slow down the exchange process compared to centralised exchanges.

3x3qCTO, Photographer

I really appreciate the team working to build this. I've been following and using the app since beta was launched, and I've seen steady progress on the UI. Very happy with it. Time to start taking in some revenue!


Design is awesome. Leading the way for decentralized exchanges. Ledger integration is amazing. Faster than a traditional exchange.


Low liquidity, especially when trading with DAI (which, I know, it's new). A liquidity provider/partner in the future would be great.