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Louis Malfoy
Louis MalfoyMaker@louis_malfoy
hi everyone! maker here - subscribe to radar newsletter and get in your inbox a beautiful curated newsletter of everything interesting in technology and entrepreneurship. every week, the best articles, tweets, podcasts, and videos straight to you. ✉️ happy to answer to any questions!
Phil Nguyen
Phil Nguyen@p_ngu · The Daily Water Cooler + Vettery
@louis_malfoy I love newsletters! Quick questions: - How do you source the content? Is it 100% human curation or do you also use other tools? Who is doing the curating, just you or do you have a team? - Would be nice if there was a sample newsletter to check out on the front page. Tried checking out the Archive and Contact pages and they seemed to be blank.
Louis Malfoy
Louis MalfoyMaker@louis_malfoy
@p_ngu hey phil - thanks for your feedbacks & support. for the moment it's 100% human curation - (we use twitter and nuzzel a lot). yes i have a team of 3 other people and we source the content below every title of articles, videos...
Genia@gmiinko · Executive -Blockchain Research Institute
with so many tech themed newsletters floating around these days, how exactly are you guys differentiating yourselves? - theres a lot of "me-too-ing" and regurgitation of content going on now in the echo chamber of the tech media.