A simple (and free) goal and project manager.

Most task and project management apps toss a mess of features at you which only add to the stress of getting things done. That’s why there’s Radar.ist—a clean, simple, and free tool that helps keep big goals and projects on track.
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Whether you’re building a platform, business, or brand—staying focused and productive can make all the difference. That’s why for years now I’ve enjoyed finding new and innovative ways to serve those looking to make their way in this digital world. This has been working one-on-one with clients, creating trainings, videos, podcasts, and as you well know, themes/plugins over at Notable Themes. That said, I’ve recently struggled to find a clean, simple, and easy way to organize big projects and goals into a simple, priority-sorted list. So I decided to make it. And because I want to continue to find new ways to serve you in your platform-building journey—*I’m giving it away for free*. I hope you find it useful—and your feedback is always welcome!!
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@coinmatics Definitely considering social login via a future release!
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@thomasemcgee, congrats on the launch 👏 Love the idea What makes this different from the existing goal and project managing apps?
@basheerak Great question! The biggest difference is in its simplicity. Most goal/project management apps out there throw a ton of features at you which tend to confuse rather than. Radar.ist is different in that it helps you manage goals/projects and then *one* next action. Focus is the key to productivity and that’s what it’s designed to help you do. :)