Your virtual travel guide from Yahoo!

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This is crazy, I'm actually working on an extremely similar concept for a school project. I was supposed to present it to a jury this Thursday :O
Yahoo's take on Google Now meets Google Places sourcing from Yelp and TripAdvisor... including flight info?
@chrismessina Sounds useful. I can't test it because I'm on Android, but I wonder if it has some of the family-friendly features that I was recently talking about in https://medium.com/@massiarri/my... - That would be cool!
Reminds me of the recently launched Foursquare app, MarsBot. Nice writeup from @sarahintampa on TC.
@rrhoover but MarsBot has no UI, Radar does.
@chrismessina @rrhoover Kind of unclear wether users want bots in iMessage/SMS messaging app. My favorite conversational interface right now is Quartz. The unique elements of the experience draw me in more than other bots that are "just another text". Although, tough to ignore the data on how few users are downloading new apps.
No, thanks! No web and iOS-only!
Really loving the wider adoption of more conversational UX. Any Alexa interaction in the future?