Contacts sorted by latest activity, not the alphabet

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Why are my contacts sorted alphabetically? We live in a world where we're connected to our contacts across multiple platforms (email/blogs/social media). There's a tremendous amount of information produced, yet every time i look at my contact list, 'Aa' is at the top. Wouldn't it be a lot more helpful if my contacts were sorted by their latest activity? Last year, I began working on an application to solve this and today, I'm very excited to bring Radar to the Product Hunt community. Let me know what you think and i'll be here to answer any questions!
@dannywitters very cool! Will check it out and send you feedback!
@dannywitters love this idea and completely agree. Shoot me a note I want to help.
@davemorin @dannywitters Thanks Dave, glad you like it! Just sent you an email.
Nice, this could be applied to a whole range of repetitive tasks. Out of the 100.000+ folders on my Mac I'm normally using around 10 per day, they should be automatically highlighted in Finder or something. But back to this: nice hunt.
Very cool product, let me know if you ever need help or want to chat.
@julianmoncadany Thanks Julian, sent you a msg on fb.
Looks nice, why would you say this is better than how iOS already does it? The contacts are sorted by activity in the app switcher
@raulriera Thanks Raul. The iOS app switcher shows you activity that relates to the recency of your messages/calls with your contacts. Radar integrates with the many public platforms that we use today and processes the activity there. In this version you can connect Radar with 11 different platforms and stay up-to-date with them. Here's a list of the platforms you can integrate Radar with - Email/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Soundcloud/Foursquare/Pinterest/Tumblr/Medium/Wordpress/RSS
@dannywitters nice, are they from interactions between us or just their own personal activity?
@raulriera their own personal activity. Whether your contact sends you an email or posts a tweet or writes a new blog post, it will be reflected. In essence, its adding notifications to contacts.
Great use of organic structures. You could apply this to many things.
@warrenalfred Thanks Warren.