Make any surface multitouch and more.

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This is pretty cool..Kinect works good for gamers but this seems to be applied to more general tasks?
Touch+ is the first to let you control your computer from any surface with true multitouch and natural hand gestures.Instead of a mouse or trackpad, simply touch what you see.Interaction becomes as easy as touching what you see. Use your computer like an iPad from any surface.Stop moving your hands constantly to a mouse or trackpad. Rest them on the keyboard or any surface instead. Put the device on a desktop stand or a laptop and its dual cameras turn your finger movements into gestures; you can play a first-person shooter by swiping across your keyboard, or sketch in Photoshop using your desk as a drawing tablet. Touch+ isn't the first implementation of motion tracking, of course. Leap Motion's sensor was one approach to tracking hands and gestures around a computer, while Microsoft's Kinect does something similar for gaming.What helps distinguish Touch+, however, is the amount of movement actually required. Touch+ allows you to keep your hands right down where they'd normally be. In fact, it minimize movements even more than if you were using the traditional trackpad on your laptop, since you don't have to reach forward and back between keyboard and 'pad.