Customizable race cars for STEM

#4 Product of the DayMay 25, 2018

RaceYa educates, entertains and inspires kids through play. Our customizable, programmable radio-controlled car is a hands-on vehicle for STEM connected to a digital community that lets kids share their creations and challenges them to develop skills from engineering to robotics.

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I love this concept for my kids!
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@rodrigofuentes Thanks Jose! I can't wait to share it with them!
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Very cool product. Seems like there are a lot of toys & apps focused on teaching kids computer science but not much focused on STEM. What inspired you to build RaceYa? What STEM fundamentals does RaceYa teach?
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@harryraymond Thanks for asking Harry! (i replied from the wrong account at first!) STEM is about so much more than coding. It's about learning to combine Science, Tech, Engineering and Math to solve problems and create totally new solutions. I built RaceYa to give my kids a way into tech and design that wasn't locked inside a screen. To start with - RaceYa teaches basic physics, like friction torque etc in a super accessible and applied way. Then kids can explore creating their own 3D printable accessories (we even have content to help them do that!). As we grow and as they grow, we'll move into robotics too by making the cars programmable so they can play with building their own autonomous cars!
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LOOOOVEEE THIS!!! Just got one for my little brother & my god daughter. This might be THE BEST gift I've ever given to someone <10 & can't wait to see how it'll impact their lives!
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@geschehaas Thanks Gesche!! I love that you got one for each of the cool kids in your life. You'll have to send pics of how they customize them so we can celebrate their creativity!
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Love it!! So much creativity + science together - will be buying for all the small people in my life!
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@jane_barratt Thank you Jane! Science and Creativity and Small People are the best combination in the world!
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The is an awesome concept, incredible execution and can't wait until they are everywhere.
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@adaoraudoji Thank you Adaora! I'm super proud of the execution too! It's been a lot of testing, iterating and learning with kids and teachers guiding the way. So now I feel really confident that we've got something great to share with kids everywhere.
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