Run with friends wherever they are!

The app looks and works great. While there are a lot of running apps I've not yet seen group runs implemented as good as Racefully. I'm wondering, is there a specific reason behind the user cap of 7 for group runs? Is it a technical limitation? Asking just out of curiosity 🙂 For the ones interested in the app that don't want to give their phone number before even trying (would advise the makers to avoid doing this or at least have it as an option but not by default 😓): App store - https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/... Website - http://www.raceful.ly/
@curiousigor thanks for the question. Since the group run is primarily an audio experience it's hard for a runner to keep track of a lot of other runners without overwhelming amounts of commentary or a really good memory. We experimented with the number and found eight to be a good compromise. We will roll out mass live runs in the near future. These will combine overall race commentary with comparisons within your own group. The phone number mechanism is a Branch.io feature so you can send yourself an App Store link if you're on a desktop computer. We don't keep (or even know) the phone numbers involved. However, we agree the vanilla version of that experience isn't a good one so we'll update the page.
@chrispointon @lcarvalhose I love the idea of group runs, especially as this way it encourages somewhat competition and therefore a higher chance for people to get out there and get active. I'd love to eagerly see when the Android version comes out. What makes me more excited though is the hope for a more sports/price friendly version of Microsoft's Hololense, and being able to somehow physically see challenges, markers and your team mates running along side you, with a guided ai audio on top to help motivate you. I see so much potential here. Nice work guys.
@rhmcmillan @lcarvalhose We hear you re: Android - we'll get there. We're also excited about developments in AR hardware that will enable the sort of experience you're talking about. There's a way to go but you can bet we'll be on it when it happens!