Race Journal

A simple app to store and compare your running race results

Race Journal is an app for runners to store and compare their results.

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Why I made this app? The Problem: Runners who often run marathons and half-marathons are aware of the inconvenience in searching for the official results site and then looking for their personal result each time they want to see details of a race. Existing Solution: Apps like Strava, Nike Run Club, etc. are great for live tracking but their metrics usually differ from the official metrics captured using the chip, which is arguably more accurate. They also don't offer the same splits information as the official results and don’t make it easy to compare races. Athlinks is great for many races in the US, but it doesn't seem to have the results for every single race and there is no option to add a result manually. The Solution: With the Race Journal app, you can store all your official results in one place. The race statistics are presented in beautiful graphs and differentiating colours that make key details pop out. You can also compare up to three races in a graph.