A retractable charger that lets you charge 2 phones at once

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Well, this is super useful.
@nivo0o0 Thanks! RABBITcharger is currently available at @Kickstarter. Go to... http://kck.st/1R67V5L.
nice - but will there be a version beyond 28 inches?
@passingnotes Thanks for your interest! We have plans for other models and a longer cable is one component for one of those models, but we will felt that the current length was a good length for our first product - great for countertops, table tops, etc. Also, there is a relationship between the thickness of the product and the size of the spool/length of the cable, and we didn't want to create a product that was overly bulky.
@patrick_barnidge I hear you - that case would get huge if you ran to 4 feet or more - but it's perfect for kitchen, end tables, etc - great way to charge house guests too