Rabbit 4.0

The way to watch anything with anyone

Discover, share and watch content anywhere with your friends. React and respond in-the-moment or when you have time. Even if you're in a different city, another country, or on the other side of the world, Rabbit helps you keep in touch with your friends while watching your favorite shows together.

  • ChildishGiant
    ChildishGiantJust a girl making things

    Free, best service of its kind


    Netflix doesn't work in the UK

    You get a lil linux instance locked down to firefox but you can go to pretty much any site. The only ones that don't work are region-locked stuff like Netflix.

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  • corestormy
    corestormylove respect



    Trolls, allows porn, stalking

    I was banned from the site when I found child porn on it and since then the website has allowed me to be attacked by room https://www.rabb.it/oChris all proof of this can be seen https://rabbitinctheuglyside.blogspot.com/

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This looks amazing!! talk about color 🤩
Looks awesome!
So what's new in 4.0 ?