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Raaly is Hotel Tonight for co-working space.

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Gary, great to see you on here! How do you distinguish from pivotdesk & other aggregators/marketplaces? I'll try it next time pounding the pavement. Wait, no Android app? Is there a webApp?
@vikramrajan Hey ViK! So the main concept is that these are 24 hour flash sales. Pivotdesk is essentially a large database of coworking spaces. We are curating only specific spaces that can offer the best deals and let users access those deals for 24 hours only. No android app and no web app yet. Android app, should be coming fairly soon but we wanted to see the viability first. Will keep you posted when we have it!
Hey guys @justinblock2 and I are really excited to have Raaly on Product Hunt! Happy to answer any questions you guys have. @sokratus thanks so much for Hunting us!