Create crazy fun loops of your favorite video and share it.

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Online conversations have become a combination of text, emojis, photos, and .gifs. The next obvious step in this evolution is bite-sized chunks of video. This is why we created QwipIt. QwipIt makes it easy for anybody to clip their favorite moment from any online video and share it with anyone. Go to https://qwip.it to see how we are one-upping .gifs and create your first Qwip in seconds. Thanks for all of your feedback. Qwip on! P.S. Here is my favorite Product Hunt Live moment thus far... Sacca dropping some wisdom. https://qwip.it/watch/56548afb16...
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@seamus5 cool idea... and play back and looping are really smooth :) Is there categorical filtering in queue?
@exexzian Thanks. Sorting by category and popularity are the next two features on our roadmap. We look to launch that in the next week or so as we continue to iterate.
@seamus5 great - looking forward for that
@seamus5 haha love this. Here's one I made and I think fits right in for the holidays ;) - https://qwip.it/watch/565dae9739... - great work!
@geeky_yang haha a stellar one. Thanks.
Sweet idea. It's fun and really easy to Qwip. Can't wait to see this take off.
OOooh, this looks like the start of something real good.