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Qwant is the leading private search engine made in Europe. It offers great results in a friendly and privacy-first environment. - Relevant results to your queries - Nice, fast, efficient UI - No cookie on your browser - Private browsing with no targeted ads - No history of your search queries - No tracking of your activity With Qwant, you find instantly whatever you want on the Web without ever being tracked: - Websites - Social networks - Images - Videos - Music - Shopping … Discover applications that respect your privacy Get a hand on the best third party apps that will help you recover your independence, security and privacy on our Application Hub. We came up with a selection of browsers that let you surf the web securely and privately and tools allowing you to manage your passwords in a safe way, communicate with friends and colleagues without sharing data with outsiders or store documents in your own vaults. Try out the Liberty browser The Qwant mobile app also embeds the innovative Liberty browser. It is a highly secure, convenient and privacy-first mobile browser. - Super Secure - Be @ Liberty to be more secure with the patented SIM&PIN technology. All your credentials are encrypted in your device. Liberty follows a zero-knowledge protocol which ensures that no credentials can be accessed and they never stored outside your devices. Your credentials are yours and yours only. - One Tap Power - Be @ Liberty to automate all repetitive online tasks, check out in seconds on e-commerce sites, feel free to forget your passwords, add the virtual Boulevard Haussmann vault and miss the crowds, all with the power of ‘One Tap’. All your favourite sites, all the biggest sales and greatest brands, book a holiday, buy your groceries, all within the app. - Liberty is Privacy - Be @ Liberty to conduct your online life without snooping, tracking or someone trying to digitally trade you. Liberty respects your privacy and will never track you through its browser. - The SIM&PIN Technology allows a very smooth and secure ‘One Tap’ shopping experience to feel like you are in the greatest and biggest online Malls the world has ever seen.. Switch to Qwant Contrary to most search engines, Qwant never tracks you! We consider that what you do with Qwant is your business only, and we ensure through our unique technology that your searches remain private. All your search queries are encrypted, there is not a single tracking tool, and we collect no personal data. If you wish to know more about our demanding privacy policy, please visit https://www.qwant.com/privacy.