It’s like Pinterest, except for words.

Found this to be really interesting - example. http://qvotr.com/ryandawidjan I've dabbled with Delicious back in the day, Pocket from time to time, messy browser bookmarks...what makes QVOTR potentially stand out in a daily workflow is that it 1. serve as a clean public facing "what's on top of my mind" profile 2. it brings up the notion that "if it isn't worth saving a quote/idea/sentence from a piece of media, is it worth saving at all?"
This is great for ideas in a scrap book. Seems eventually destined to be an input editor for trello / keep / evernote / etc. The public facing profile is interesting though.
I love this. My favorite part of reading on my Kindle is that what I highlight stays with me. I will use this all the time.
As an aside, I would *love* a way to "repin" other people's quotes.
@austenallred One of the creators here. Glad to hear you find it useful. We've been thinking about the best way to add something like repinning, it will be coming soon!
@austenallred We added this today!
Neat, like kindle's highlight feature but for the web.
@atroyn Exactly. We want to keep the Kindle Highlight-like part of the product super fast and convenient and pair that with a great discovery and curation experience.
@ubuwaits I like that the linkback to the original content is pretty seamless - I'm kind of wondering if there's some way this could work with http://genius.com/ as well, so that people can collaboratively annotate 'pins' from a... quoteboard? And then the annotations show up back at the original content source.