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So @danielkempe was the one who first gave me commenting access on Product Hunt. We both then started Backa together. Since then I launched Marketing Stack and Daniel has launched Quuu which has grown tremendously since it's launch now with over 120k shares per month from its users! Quuu gives you hand curated content suggestions for social media. Now you can promote it to reach a broader audience! So I'll let Dan tell you how the promoted side of Quuu works :)
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@bentossell Thanks for the hunt Ben! :-) Hope everyone here likes the idea and sees the power!
Man - I LOVE Quuu - this is one of my secret weapons for content promotion :)
@wmharris101 Thanks Will - so good to hear such positive comments :-)
@wmharris101 Same! Crazy to see the # of shares as a curator (some 100+ !!!) and definitely seeing a more active following as a sharer. Thanks for the great tool guys!
Hey, thanks for hunting Ben! We've grown Quuu.co substantially since our last product hunt feature, so thank you all! We now share over 4000 posts per day (1.4 million curated posts per year). Our Quuurators do an amazing job finding great content to share over various interest categories, so now we are opening up submitting content to Quuu to everyone. You can now promote your content across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at the same time from just $2 for a months exposure. Everything that is submitted will be strictly moderated to ensure complete relevancy and quality to maintain the current standard of content we provide. Thanks again for hunting, and i'm looking forward to hearing everyones thoughts on Quuu Promote! :-)
@danielkempe if you want more information guys on Quuu Promote that we released today then you can read more on our blog here http://quuu.co/blog/the-power-of... - just hit us up on the chat if you have any questions, or we'd be happy to answer them here too :)
I've been a user of / curator for Quuu for a few months now. It's awesome for just about everyone, especially content marketing folks. I've recommended that plenty of my friends / colleagues join.
@shanelle_mullin Thanks for sharing Shanelle, really appreciate it :-)
I use Quuu to supplement what goes to my Twitter feeds. I'm a big fan, and being able to promote content through the system is awesome.