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Hey everyone, excited to be on PH again! We love it here and thanks again to Ben for the hunt :-) With Quuu Promote you can promote your content to real and relevant people across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ simultaneously from just $10 for 30 days worth of exposure, shares, and increased social interaction! Your content is shared as a content suggestion by regular Quuu.co users who have subscribed to the interest category to which you submit your article, so your content doesn’t appear like an advert or sponsored post - it’s shared naturally by real people to relevant followers. A few new things since we last launched Quuu Promote. - New-look app - New referrals system - New Loyalty badge system - We now send out over 60,000 promoted posts every day! - New Analytics page coming shortly :-) Thanks so much for checking it out, we'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Special thanks to the whole team at Quuu for all their hard work over the past few months. We'll be here all day (and night) ;-)
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@danielkempe A huge amount of credit also needs to go to Dan for his flawless design work. Sam and Dan worked their asses off on this app and we're delighted with the result. Hope you will all agree guys!!! :-) Thanks @BenTossell for the hunt!!
@matthewspurr I like the idea. May I know what is the reach of each post on an average?
@ram_rayavarapu Well we use very liberal estimates to ensure we're not over promising on reach stats. We do this by only taking into account average Twitter followings (even though we share across all major social platforms, not just Twitter) and we account for an average following of just 500 (which is much lower than most of the Quuu users sharing this content. As a rough guide to estimate the reach you'd get, for content in the following tiers: Tier 1 ($10) - 10,000+ Tier 2 ($20) - 30,000+ Tier 3 ($30) - 100,000+ Tier 4 ($40) - 300,000+ Tier 5 ($50) - 500,000+ What tier a submission is entered into depends on the popularity of the interest category to which it relates too. So the more subscribers, the more times your content will be shared :-) Hope that helps!! :-)
@matthewspurr I got more questions, can I speak to you over phone?
@ram_rayavarapu Hey mate, having a pretty busy day as you can imagine, but we do have a dedicated team on our live chat on both Quuu.co and QuuuPromote.co who will give you all the answers you need! :-)
I'm a proud Quuurator and love the new badges. :) Gamification FTW
@amvlad I'm glad you enjoy the badges, Alin!
@amvlad Hey Alin, yeh it's really nice to actually be able to reward our users now for continued, quality use of the app! It's a lot more fun :-) Looking forward to adding in the analytics section too very soon!
@matthewspurr @samcambridge how can I become a Quuurator and do they get paid for sharing content?
Awesome stuff loving it and the new look only makes it better!
@jcvangent ThanQuuu Hans glad you approve!! :-)
I've been LOVING Quuu since day one — or should I say from version one. Quuu and Quuu Promote are the first automated social-curation and social-promotion tools that made my jaw drop. During the first month, my Tweet impressions went up 169.4%, mentions 218%, retweets and likes 167%, and link clicks 467.5%. And the only thing I did was push go! The new dashboard makes it so much easier to track all that data. And the risk of throwing in one more stat … I 100% recommend everyone try it out.
@iconicontent Thanks Aaron! :-) We love curating your amazing content
Yes, yes and yes!! 💯🔥😍 Go Quuu fam, go!
@thomsonaus Thanks Paul! I say "Rubbed me up the wrong way" as well 😂
@danielkempe 😂 I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I wanted to write "Quuu rubs me up the right way" but I thought it might cause a few raised eyebrows. 😆
@thomsonaus 😂😂😂😂😂😂