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Hey everyone, excited to be here!! Thanks for hunting Ben! With Quuu Promote you can promote your content to real and relevant people across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ simultaneously from just $10 for 30 days worth of exposure, shares, and increased social interaction! Your content is shared as a content suggestion by regular Quuu users who have subscribed to the interest category to which you submit your article, so your content doesn’t appear like an advert or sponsored post - it’s shared naturally by real people to relevant followers. We've been running with our MVP of Quuu Promote for the last 6 months and based on its success, we've created an app that helps users keep track of their promotions! To celebrate the launch of the app on Product Hunt, we are giving 60 days exposure instead of 30 for the same price. Everything that is submitted will be moderated to ensure complete relevancy and quality to maintain the current standard of content we provide. Thanks so much for checking it out, we'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions :-) We'll be here all day :-)
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@danielkempe So happy to see the Quuu team crushing it and getting promote out. Quuu has been the only resource that has organically helped my social presence grow. Cheers to you guys @mubashariqbal @danielkempe @matthewspurr. Good luck on the launch today, but I know you won't need it. ;)
@sethlouey @danielkempe @mubashariqbal Thanks man, means a lot! :-)
@danielkempe Great to see the evolution of the product! What was the motivation to separate QuuuPromote from the core Quuu product?
@danielkempe I'm so proud and happy to see Quuu grow. Your product is absolutely amazing! Good luck with Quuu Promote!
@danielkempe This looks like an amazing platform! Will definitely be checking it out for my content promotion efforts. By the way, do you cover categories such as sales and prospecting?
I love following this company! @danielkempe and I have a little story about our Product Hunt story (which I wont go into again!) and its so awesome to see Dan and his team smashing it. 6 months ago Quuu Promote was released (pretty MVP) but now it is its own app with analytics to track performance of promotions, shares and clicks I'll let Dan tell you more!
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@bentossell thanks man :-)
@bentossell @danielkempe Thanks for all the support Ben - you and the whole team at PH rock :-)
Really like this, I wrote a medium post a few months ago when we launched Kanye text, and used Quuu to promote it. Helped the article get a lot of clicks which actually turned into people reading it. I will be using it again!
@christopher_87 Hey Christopher, I remember the article well. I'm glad that you got some high-quality engagement from the promotion :-) Really appreciate your comment!
@danielkempe my pleasure. Well worth the dollars. Great product. Quuu is one of the many tricks for driving traffic to content.
Happy to see Quuu Promote here! We used the MVP for a couple of articles, and its honestly the best value for money I've seen in terms of driving traffic. A post I submitted back in March is still getting traffic from Quuu shares now, despite only being added for 30 days! Looking forward to being able to track our posts more closely - congrats on the launch guys!
@sarahhewy ThanQuuu so much Sarah, that's very gratifying to hear! :-) Really appreciate the support and hope that you get even more from Quuu Promote now with the new app!
@sarahhewy Thanks Sarah, love what you guys are doing at Neatly.io :-)
I've been submitting content, both my own and for clients, for a couple months now and have loved Quuu Promote! It's a perfect addition to a well-rounded content syndication strategy. Having posts on the Quuu Promote platform has definitely helped reach a wider social audience, provide social proof, and generate not only clicks, but traffic that actually stays on-site and reads. Congrats on the PH launch guys!
@jonathanronzio Jonathan, you da man! Thanks for the kind words. We're super pumped to hear that Quuu Promote has enhanced your content marketing strategy so much! Keep up the good work and we'll keep improving Quuu Promote for you too! :-) Have a great day.