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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 27, 2019

Quuu is the number one source for content and the only place where each and every piece has been hand-reviewed in house.

Now with:

RSS Feeds (Even more ways to curate content and share)

EasyRead (Distraction free reading experience)

Fresh new dashboard!

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Thanks so much for checking out the new Quuu. 2018 was a really hard year for Quuu as a whole. This time last year we had launched our very own social media scheduling tool alongside our content suggestions, but the Twitter API had other ideas… Read about why we fu*ked up in 2018 here -> https://blog.quuu.co/quuu-we-fed... So this is why we’ve gone back to what we do best, content. You can still find hand-curated content suggestions to share on social media from over 500 interest categories. Quuu integrates with your Buffer or HubSpot schedule and has around 9 new integrations planned in 2019! New features: RSS Feeds (Beta) (Even more ways to curate content and share) EasyRead (We provide a distraction free reading experience for all articles on Quuu) Listen to articles with our new audio reading feature New dashboard - Fresh new outlook needed a fresh new design for 2019! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on what we’ve been working on. Special shoutout to all the Quuu team who all work incredibly hard. We have grown really close as a team now and all have the same goal in mind for 2019!
@danielkempe Twitter API eh, it can break a startup. Good luck with the new launch! :D
@danielkempe @aaronoleary Yes indeed, we've seen quite a few very cool and promising startups fall by the wayside in the past year as a result of restrictions and blocks. Thankfully that is a thing of the past for us now, we're just enjoying finding good content on the web, which we're definitely allowed to do haha!
@aaronoleary Yep, bye bye Twitter API :-)
I know this product. Congrats!
@danielkempe Looks amazing! Man, I wish more startups would do "why we fu*ed up" posts. Truly gives a genuine human touch to your product, especially when you are in the 'automation' space! Besides Quuu blog do you guys create any content for your users?
Awesome. Have been a fan of Quuu ever since I heard about you in 2016. You guys are way better than Feedly. Keep rocking! @danielkempe
@danielkempe @nykontym ThanQuuu Nikhil 😀😀😀
@nykontym Thanks so much man :-) Really appreciate the kind words!
@danielkempe @nykontym Cheers Nikhil :-)
@nykontym Thank you for the amazing comment! 💪
@nykontym Thanks so much Nikhil, that means a lot!

I don't think social media should be on auto-pilot. I do agree with making life easier! To have a balance, I'd recommend looking at your filled queue in Buffer or HubSpot to make sure that what was added is going to be advantageous to your followers. :)


The new RSS feed feature is going to be the best for my current use! That was one thing I felt I was missing, and now it's here!


See "Tell us more"

We totally agree Darcy. We are only here to save you time finding awesome content to share. It's up to the user to share what is most relevant :-)
Great one, @danielkempe are providing an amazing software! Can't wait to explore more this 4.0 version!
@baptistedebever Thanks so much Baptise :-) Really excited about the new Quuu and the plans for 2019 :-)
@baptistedebever Thankyou Baptiste! We can't wait for you to use Quuu 4.0! 🎉
@danielkempe @baptistedebever Thanks for the kind message! We hope you love it :-D
@baptistedebever Thanks so much Baptiste, we hope you enjoy the new Quuu!
Awesome, keep up the good job!
@testingsaas Thanks Cordny :-) Really appreciate your support!