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An open community of hand-picked content across 500 topics

It’s ALL our hand-reviewed content open for all to see and share, sortable by clicks and shares. No sign in required.

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Hey all, thanks for checking out Quuu Discover. We hand-review so much content (and we love it) but we've always kept it inside Quuu for users only. Today, we're launching an open platform (no sign-in required) of content across over 500 interest categories. You can narrow down your content view by selecting tags relevant to you on the right, then sort by shares and clicks to find the best performing content. All that shares and clicks you see are from Quuu Promotions alone, and do not include stats from site shares. It's totally free so check it out and let us know your thoughts :-)
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@aazar_ali_shad You can only search for our available categories... Maybe Cyber Security?
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@aazar_ali_shad I agree, I will suggest to Georgia, our content and customer success manager :-)
Hello @aazar_ali_shad, @danielkempe just highlighted this to me. That category sounds great I'm going to add it now! We love it when we get category suggestions as we want to provide the most relevant content to our users. As a note: categories have to hit a number of subscribers before Quuu Promote users are able to submit content to it, so hopefully, it will be a hit! Do let me know if you have any other questions :)
Initial thoughts: Sleek, functional, incredibly useful. Downside: How have I lived life without it this whole time.
@thomsonaus Thanks Paul. We think so too, it's a simple product but with hours of content reviewing in the back-end, we hope others find it useful as well :-)
@thomsonaus ThanQuuu Paul, praise indeed! :-)
This looks similar to Zestis. Would it be also a Chrome Plugin? Nice way for content discovery. All the best Quuu Team.
@nivasravi It's not a chrome plugin no, just an open community of content. We've been hand-reviewing content since the start, but now, we've opened it up for all to view and share :-)
@nivasravi Also one of the key differentiators with Discover is that it doesn't just cover marketing and business content, it spans hundreds of categories because Quuu has been building it's curation base for years now! :-) This is just the beginning Nivas!
@matthewspurr Interesting. Will give it a spin.
Quuu schedular is already awesome. This makes it sweeter than ever!
@irhymeth Awesome, thank you :-)
@danielkempe You're welcome Daniel! Can't wait for QuuuBot! 😉

Been using Quuu for more than a couple years now and it keeps my social accounts brimming with content. What's not to love about that?


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Yes!! Awesome thanks man!