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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2017

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A huge thank you to Ben for very kindly hunting us today! :-) We absolutely love Product Hunt, and being on it even more. We can’t wait to hear all your feedback, here on the comments or over on Quuu. Since we’ve started, Quuu has sent out over 10,000,000 hand-reviewed content suggestions to our users. Quuu 2.0 is really the first polished version of what we always envisaged Quuu being from the start. It’s the culmination of months of user feedback and we’re proud to say that many of the long awaited and highly requested features of Quuu 1.0 are now available to everybody in this new release. MASSIVE thanks to @samcambridge for all of his long coding sessions, hard work and patience with me and @matthewspurr. Most notable new features: - Team and Agency Plans - Option to manually approve content suggestions inside of Quuu - New HubSpot integration for scheduling content (as well as Buffer)…and many more soon to follow! - The ability to assign interest categories to specific social profiles for more control - A newly designed interest category search facility - Of course, a shiny new design We have plans to keep adding some epic iterations to the product, but feel that we’ve finally got Quuu to a place where our users can really customise their experience of content curation and take their SMM to another level - saving hours and hours of time scouring the web for engaging and relevant content to boost their engagement alongside their regular posts and conversations! I hope you all like the changes! Please get in touch with us in the comments and on the site itself - your feedback means everything to us and we want to make sure Quuu is the best it can possibly be. Shout out to the Quuu team, Matt, Sam, Mubs, Sujan, Amy, Lucia, Georgia and Lauren! :-) ThanQuuu Ben, and ThanQuuu all!
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@danielkempe awesome new features! Happy to see Quuu continue to grow and improve!
@nodarj Thanks Nodar, really appreciate the comment 👍🏻☝️
@nodarj @danielkempe Thanks Nodar! Hope you're still smashing it in the accountancy world mate! :-) We really appreciate the support you've shown for Quuu!
@danielkempe @samcambridge @matthewspurr good stuff! Keep on rocking guys!
@jcvangent @danielkempe @samcambridge Thanks mate!! :-) Oh we fully intend to keep on rocking haha
Been using Quuu from the very beggining, back when it started with 6 - maybe 4 - content categories. I always admired your execution: starting useful and simple and building over time. It's a unique idea and it improves dramatically overtime as it sits transparently between other networks, silently gathering data and mapping and building the content creation/curation/consumption interest based audiences. Good luck with v2 :)
@kostgx Thanks for sticking with us from the start man! It's been an awesome ride so far, and one we intend to keep riding 😃😃😃
@kostgx ThanQuuu so much Kostas, that's great to know :-) Of course thanks for your support!!
I've used Quuu from the beggining and I'm pretty excited about it! I recommend this product to all my friends! Keep up the good work!
@eeschimosu that's awesome, thanks so much for continually supporting Quuu and sharing with your friends :-)
@eeschimosu Thanks man! :-) We're pretty darn excited too!
Been using Quuu since it's beginning and very happy with it :) Recently bought a lifetime subscription! Well worth the investment. Waiting for lifetime subscription upgrade for Team/Agency plans..lol :P Kudos team Quuu @danielkempe @matthewspurr @mubashariqbal & the entire team whom I've not mentioned 👍 Quuu 2.0 looks clean and elegant, loving it already!
@irazasyed Thanks Syed! Awesome to hear it's going well for you! 😀
@irazasyed @danielkempe @mubashariqbal Thanks Syed. You have @samcambridge to thank for this latest build. Although of course it was a team effort. Top design work from Dan as ever! :-) We don't have any plans for a deal on Team/Agency any time in the future, but glad you're on board with Quuu for life - a pleasure to have you as a user! :-)
@matthewspurr @danielkempe @mubashariqbal Oh yeah! You guys have grown, Thanks, @samcambridge 🙏 😊 As far as the Team/Agency deal is concerned, that's fine. I'd be happy to upgrade when I have a requirement, regardless of whether you guys bring some kinda deal or not, because I know it's still worth it :) Thanks✌️
@irazasyed you're welcome! I hope you enjoy it :) if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it.
It's been such a joy to follow the Quuu journey. I feel like these guys are doing everything right when it comes to launching a startup. Great app/system, can't wait to see where it takes them!
@rossdcurrie Thanks Ross, that's great to hear, the whole team appreciates it! :D
@rossdcurrie Thanks Ross! It's been fun! The MakerHunt community was certainly a great way to find the right people to start something great :-)