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Matthew Spurr
@matthewspurr · Quuu.co
Just wanted to say thanks again from us all for the support and comments so far - we're now in 57 countries peeps - pretty cool!!!! :-) wooooo


Daniel Kempe
@danielkempe · Co-Founder @ Quuu.co
Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share with you, Quuu! A project myself and a few guys have created to help people find awesome content to run alongside their existing social media schedule. Quuu has changed a lot since day one, mainly because of Buffer.com switching off content suggestions. We totally agreed with their reasons for doing so, and that’… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Daniel was the guy who invited me to comment on Product Hunt right at the start... We started working on a project together which we decided to leave behind quite a few months ago now. Since then, I've been speaking to Dan every week and watching each other grow in our own projects... Mine has resulted in me joining the PH team and Dan's has been Quuu. G… See more
Olivier El Mekki
@oelmekki · maker
When Daniel first mentioned the idea behind Quuu on Maker Hunt, I must say I was quite skeptical: Buffer suggestions felt so fake, it left a very bad impression on me. After helping to beta test Quuu, I must say I've been very impressed: the quality of curated content is really where Quuu is shining, I was always waiting for my Quuu post with eager, and tho… See more
Fred Rivett
@fredrivett · One half of @wecontrast
I've been watching Quuu go from idea to creation to where it is today and I've been really impressed with how Daniel, Matthew & co have developed this. They've taken the time to focus on getting great content on Quuu, choosing to control growth in the early stages. Now the foundation is laid the doors are finally being flung open, I'm excited to see wher… See more
Clark Wimberly
@clarklab · UX Designer
Sounds a lot better than my current plan of constantly checking ProductHunt and DesignerNews.