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Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share with you, Quuu! A project myself and a few guys have created to help people find awesome content to run alongside their existing social media schedule. Quuu has changed a lot since day one, mainly because of Buffer.com switching off content suggestions. We totally agreed with their reasons for doing so, and that’s what Quuu aims to improve with reliable, relevant and high quality content to enhance your social media activity Quuu is free to use forever. Not only will it automatically send hand curated content to your Buffer queue based on categories you select, but you’ll also discover great content along the way. We’ll be here all day so we’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions. :-)
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@danielkempe Loved your product. Looking foward to some great content. I'm really curious about how this content is hand curated and by whom.
@aditya_shirole @danielkempe Hi Aditya, thank you for your comment. We have a bunch of Quuurators that hand pick awesome content for various interest categories. With currently over 900+ posts across 27 categories, you won't have the problem with everyone sharing the same stuff on the same day.
@danielkempe Love the name Quuurators :D
@aditya_shirole @danielkempe If you like Quuurators then I'd be Quuurious to know if you'd like the name Quuusers too? ;-) lol
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@danielkempe "With currently over 900+ posts across 27 categories, you won't have the problem with everyone sharing the same stuff on the same day." - THIS. If you can *continue* solving that problem, you will have covered the gap Buffer left perfectly. Background: I'm sometimes a "later" adopter, and just picked up the Buffer app only weeks prior to them shutting down the content suggestions. I read the post and it was fantastic insight into how good intentions go bad, and a good push for focus. But it was also one of the core reasons I used Buffer (at the time). So, solving those problems with a focus of your own is exciting (probably for you as much as it is for me!). And so far, it's been pretty freaking smooth. Great execution! Signed up. Clicked the button. Waited for content. See the content. Like the content. Excited for it to post. Will increase soon when we increase our own posts, but this will help fill the gaps! Aside: Is there a way to have a webhook when a click on one of your links happens? I see the intermediary link and think about the possibilities for integrations / tracking ;D Awesome product. Excited to see the content roll out.
Daniel was the guy who invited me to comment on Product Hunt right at the start... We started working on a project together which we decided to leave behind quite a few months ago now. Since then, I've been speaking to Dan every week and watching each other grow in our own projects... Mine has resulted in me joining the PH team and Dan's has been Quuu. Great to finally see this up on PH and I have no doubt that this will do really well. Congrats Dan!!
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@bentossell Thank you Ben, it was great working with you back when, and awesome to see hard work pay off. :-)
When Daniel first mentioned the idea behind Quuu on Maker Hunt, I must say I was quite skeptical: Buffer suggestions felt so fake, it left a very bad impression on me. After helping to beta test Quuu, I must say I've been very impressed: the quality of curated content is really where Quuu is shining, I was always waiting for my Quuu post with eager, and those tweets were by far my most successful :) A suggestion for the future of Quuu, @danielkempe : I already mentioned it, but I think the most important thing would be to have a chance to review content before posting, it always feel weird to discover it after posting it :) Also, I've discovered a perfect use case for Quuu yesterday: company accounts. I've set up a twitter account for my next company, and immediately wondered: how do I feed content in it? When service is about user generated content like Product Hunt, it's easy to know what to tweet: just tweet links to the best content from your users. But what if your users do not generate anything public? I find company accounts that just post service announcements and links to their blog posts quite annoying. Are they worth following, rather than just visiting their timeline when you want info? With Quuu, you can select categories that match your service theme, and provide all day long quality content to your followers, even if you don't have any budget yet to hire a social media marketer. That rocks.
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@oelmekki Thank you Olivier. We believe the only way to automate part of your social media content is via humans, not machines, so really glad to hear that you are pleased with the quality so far. A few people have asked us about a review process for content, so this is most certainly something we are looking into. Quuu is here to enhance your existing posts, so would work great for company accounts, like you say! :-)
@oelmekki Totally agree on the use case for company accounts here, especially for early accounts that need to provide value but don't have the time/budget to spend on hand curating every tweet.
@oelmekki Company accounts is an awesome use case
@oelmekki +1 on being able to review content. I have some brands that I would totally automate, but others I just need a quick look at the link before it goes out. Out of curiosity, does the buffer API allow you to schedule the Quuu tweets? Like would it allow me to schedule my quuu tweets to go out at a specific time, separate to the rest of my buffer queue?
@rossdcurrie @oelmekki Hey Ross, currently Quuu posts fall in line with your existing Buffer schedule. You can then re-adjust within Buffer if required. :-)
I've been watching Quuu go from idea to creation to where it is today and I've been really impressed with how Daniel, Matthew & co have developed this. They've taken the time to focus on getting great content on Quuu, choosing to control growth in the early stages. Now the foundation is laid the doors are finally being flung open, I'm excited to see where this goes 🚀
@fredrivett Thank you Fred, really appreciate your comment. We know that the content is the most important aspect here, so we've really spent time building up both the Quuurators (curators) and the content.
@danielkempe Totally. I know from personal experience it can be tempting to try and move too quickly but spending time nailing the foundation whilst validating your core assumptions is the way to go, and you've done that to a T with Quuu 👌
Sounds a lot better than my current plan of constantly checking ProductHunt and DesignerNews.
@clarklab It could run alongside your existing schedule nicely. Quuu is here to enhance your current offering :-)
@danielkempe @clarklab looking forward to checking this out