A new way of asking for feedback and helping your customers

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Quriobot is a more human and more fun alternative to webforms like questionnaires, contact pages and even filters in a webshop.

  • Elvin I Huseynov
    Elvin I HuseynovI am king of my armchair

    You make your robot! And it works as you command!


    It has been developed just now. Needed so long time ago.

    At last guys from Netherlands made a revolutionary project that in future would be necessary for every single website and web application. Already enjoying it! Good luck!

    Elvin I Huseynov has used this product for one month.
  • Matthias Behrends
    Matthias BehrendsEntrepreneur and Developer

    great UI concept, ambitious feature-set


    buggy and unstable

    Great feel to everything - until you put it to the test. GUI is buggy and led to quite some loss of time in our case. Support is responsive, however, you spend a few hours fiddling around with basic issues like text fields losing formatting, the editor crashing - which cost us a whole day etc etc. Beautifully built, but it also has to WORK. We are paid clients so hope for improvement.

    Matthias Behrends has used this product for one month.
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Guy Kessels
Guy KesselsMaker@guykessels · Friendly & Fun. Interact & Convert.
Hey PH! Guy here from Quriobot! 👋 Quriobot is a new way of asking for feedback, a replacement for static (contact) forms and a friendly way of helping your customers find what they are looking for. After months of hard work, we have now launched the Quriobot Control Room so everyone can build a friendly chatbot in a jiffy. Hopefully, Quriobot can help you increase conversion from your website or lower the barrier for people to share their feedback with you! 😎 Would love to hear your thoughts! 👍 #99problemsbutabotaint1
Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
@guykessels Great hashtag 👏🏽👏🏽
Guy Kessels
Guy KesselsMaker@guykessels · Friendly & Fun. Interact & Convert.
@abadesi Thanks, we put a lot of thought in that one 😄
Roy Joling
Roy Joling@roy_joling · Maker of DESTIGOGO.com
Love it, great work guys! Simplicity makes it so user friendly!
Guy Kessels
Guy KesselsMaker@guykessels · Friendly & Fun. Interact & Convert.
@roy_joling Thanks Roy, that's great to hear! 👊
Gaurav Narula
Gaurav Narula@gaurav_narula
Loved this product from the first go. Extremely well designed, simple and intuitive UI.
Guy Kessels
Guy KesselsMaker@guykessels · Friendly & Fun. Interact & Convert.
@gaurav_narula Thanks Gaurav, it's much appreciated!
Thiago de Carvalho
Thiago de Carvalho@thiagoafram · Founder @ Deer Designer
Love the visuals! Two questions: 1. Does it work with conditional? E.g.:"If answer is YES show X reply, if NO shot Y reply" 2. How does it compare to the recently launched Landbot.io ? Keep it up! :)
Guy Kessels
Guy KesselsMaker@guykessels · Friendly & Fun. Interact & Convert.
@thiagoafram Thanks Thiago, it is much appreciated! 👊 To answer your questions: 1) Does it work with conditional responses? Yes, it definitely does! 👍 Not only can conditional responses be applied to closed questions, you can also create rules to do so with open questions. So, if someone types ‘Awesome’, than QB provides 'Response X' and if someone types ‘Nope’ it provides 'Response Y'. Please note that with open questions it’s still case sensitive at the moment 🙂 2) There are quite some differences to Landbot.io actually (aside from the look & feel of course). QB for example tracks for you with which devices people interact, respondents can go back in the conversation and change their given answer without breaking the flow, you have some more question types to choose from, there are other options for designing your landing page and there are multiple ways of controlling QB’s behaviour on your website. Especially the latter is nice I think: you can ensure QB continues the conversation in different browser tabs (within the same user session), decide when it actually shows up on the website and also what it should do when the user wants to exit before completing the conversation. Hopefully this helps a bit, and thanks again for your message! 😎
Jeffrey Wyman
Jeffrey Wyman@jeffrey_wyman · At the intersection of Tech and Business
Tried this out and I like it. Is there a way to make it appear live on MY page and not on its own chatbot page?
Guy Kessels
Guy KesselsMaker@guykessels · Friendly & Fun. Interact & Convert.
@jeffrey_wyman Glad you like it Jeffrey! 👍 Yes, you can easily embed Quriobot on your page. On the tab 'Embed', you'll find an embed code which you can copy/paste on the bottom of your HTML page (just before the tag). You can also embed Quriobot by using Google Tag Manager if you prefer that 🙂