Surprise friends with quotes from famous people about them

Surprise your friend in just 3 steps:
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✍️ Enter your friend's name
😎 Upload a photo
πŸ’Œ Send the generated link to your friend!
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And that's all! You get a page with 10 quotes about your friend. No registration, no AI, no blockchain. Just pure happiness!
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Hey Hunters! πŸ‘‹ This is my first project on Product Hunt and here is a small story about it: Some time ago my friend had a birthday and I made a small website with slightly changed quotes by famous people as a present. He was delighted, other guests liked it and I was happy too. So I decided to make a service for generating pages like that! πŸŽ‰ So what is included now? πŸ€” - 30 carefully picked quotes - A service that can put a name into these quotes - Each page has a unique URL that is generated from a dictionary of Hipster words(Try it out! Some combinations are quite nice) And that's basically it. But there are more features that I can add if people will be interested in the project 🀞 - More quotes, obviously - Choosing quotes you want to use - Adding custom quotes - Choosing URL - Uploading multiple photos - Different themes - And more I'm going to share all insights, analytics and next steps in my twitter, so free to follow and get all fresh updates 😊 Anyway, happy to hear your feedback πŸ™
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@korolvs Cool project. Nice, clean interface. What technology did you use to build it?
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@gabef thank you! I used Firebase for everything here. The frontend is a pure HTML/JS/CSS hosted at Firebase and the backend is NodeJS functions(also in Firebase😊).
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This is really awesome.
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This is pure happiness. Not important but the messages before showing quotes were kinda annoying but wait may be it’s just me. Overall loved it. Thank you for building it.
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@rishijash Thanks! You can skip each step clicking on the arrow, but I'm thing about "skip intro" button
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I love this, really funny! πŸ˜„ I would like to see more quotes and maybe changing images with every quote can make it more dynamic.
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@varser_zakaryan Thanks! Yes, I have plans to do it πŸ˜‰
Very sympathatic and nice idea! I like it a lot :)