Save, share & discover text from your mobile

Quotle is an App using OCR to help user save and organize pieces of text they like and share them in an elegant way

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Hi Product Hunters, I am Olivier, the co-founder of Quotle. We just launched Quotle yesterday on iOS and it's so cool to be on Product Hunt today. With Quotle, our goal is to help book lovers save, share and discover inspiring pieces of text from their mobile. When reading a book, Quotle allows you to use your phone’s camera to capture a paragraph you like. Thanks to its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system, Quotle automatically recognizes the characters from the picture and generate a beautiful card with customizable design. Then, you can archive this card (on your phone’s library or on your personal notes) or share it on social networks, or by email or message. We hope you will like it and we will be really happy to get your feedbacks and answer your questions
Nice! This is awesome from traditional paperback books, but is there any way to extract highlights from a read in iBooks? Or do you do that already? That would be ideal as many reads happen digitally now-a-days.
@imcatnoone Same question :) Would be very useful to extract quotes from online articles.
@jcvarlet Agreed. Instapaper does this really well when it comes to sharing text shots from articles, which I'm quite fond of and use often. However, it doesn't solve the problem when it comes to eBooks. I wouldn't use this app for articles (as Instapaper does that within the app) but I would use it for eBook quote sharing.
@jcvarlet @imcatnoone I believe the app has been thought for printed content first. I tested to share from digital content, two possibilities work quite well: - if the content is on mobile, you can just copy the text and paste it in quotle (first screen you can choose between a picture and typing -or pasting- content) - if the content is on your computer, you can make a picture, the OCR works perfectly well.
@jcvarlet @imcatnoone for online articles, we allow you to browse the content of your image library, so if you have made a screenshot of an online article, you can quotle it.
Just tested the app and it's a beautiful, compelling experience. I like how typography is font and center (pun intended :) – I'd been craving for a digital experience that captures the magic of a great quote, the excitement for a sentence that suddenly opens up other mental landscapes, other world views and other possibilities – so much so that you'd like to share right from the paper to your friends, peers and mentors. Quotle does just that – and it does it really well. Congrats team!
@rlacombe Thanks very much, really appreciate your feedback. BTW, we plan to release an update really soon with GoodReads API integration to help fill the source and connect to their database.
Sometimes I want to share quotes from my Kindle, but the share feature by Amazon really sucks. I can't wait for the Android app :)
@fgrante yes, with quotle you can take a pic of your kindle :D (seriously, I have tested that, is works pretty well). For the android, we will do that for late 2015 or early 2016
@odesmoulin @fgrante the sooner the best ;)
Great Experience, could be nice if it can be integrated with blinklist, so we can share a quote and give access to our follower to a 15 min recap.
@benjaminzenou I did not think about that, but that would be nice indeed. Will think about it ;) Thx for the idea
@odesmoulin cool ! If some of our followers want to have more context on on a quote, it's always good to be able to access a blink (or other services ;) )
@benjaminzenou Blinklist has currently around 500 books, so we will try to start with larger book and authors database. We just integrated GoodReads API on our development version to help add source to the quotes. Next step is having a page for each author inside quotle app, with agregatyed data, like bio, works etcs... Hope to release the 1st step of GoodReads integration into 10 days, and the Authors pages in the next month.