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Very nice. Please also add swipe gesture to go forward
@praveenpoojary1 Thanks Praveen! I'll make sure to add that in the next update!
I love it. iOS forthcoming? *hopeful*
Hi @gillesdc! Yeah it's on the way! Can't really say when, but expect it soon!
@youssefkababe @gillesdc Here is another guy who waits patiently for the iOS version.
@gillesdc @youssefkababe Now, that's cool. Installed, liked it, upvoted on PH. Cheers!
Simply perfect and the design is beautiful. Exactly what it needs to be. I have only one idea - add swipe as a gesture for next. I don't know why, but that was my first intuition, to swipe for next. Great work!
@cosminbaluta Thanks Cosmin! I'll work on the swipe gesture for the next update for sure!
Looks great! Happy to learn it was made with Fuse too. :)