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Been using Quotient for almost 18 months and it's one of the most beautifully designed and well thought out SaaS products we've used. When sending quotes, you can make items optional, compulsory or recommended, allowing the client to choose the ones they want and seeing total dollars update in real time. Tightly integrates with Xero and the quotes are fully responsive across devices. Best of all, the guys at Quotient are laser focused on adding only features that make sense with no bloat or unnecessary stuff. Can't recommend it highly enough.
TJFounder, Mod Cabinetry
Our team loves Quotient! We've been using it for 3-years for all our quotes and it's now an integral part of our sales process. I've tested and tried every online quote product out there including new ones as well, and Quotient is still by far the most robust, easiest, reliable and delightful to use quote product out there. Plus, the monthly price is the most competitive in the bunch. And, the Quotient team regularly cooks up useful new features and are very responsive to suggestions.
This looks great, but USD $20 per month is a hefty price for a feature built in to other tools, like InvoiceNinja. I imagine there are situations, like a high volume of estimates, where businesses can justify the cost, but a small business like mine certainly cannot.