Use AI to magically match your photos with the perfect quote

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2019

Quoth magically matches your photos with famous quotes based on what's in the picture.

Take a selfie, grab a picture of your cat, or run outside and snap a picture of something cool- Quoth will use the power of AI to figure out what you took a picture of and match it with a quote to make a hilarious or inspirational combo.

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John Gardner
John GardnerHiring@john_gardner · On a mission to revolutionize fitness
Could be really helpful for people like me who have to post to social media for work purposes but detest it!
Debarshi Chaudhuri
Debarshi ChaudhuriMaker@debarshi · Maker at Quoth
Hey Product Hunt! @andy_brown4 and I are the makers of Quoth, and we’re excited to share it with all of you. We were looking for a way to spice up our, frankly, mundane pictures before sharing them with our friends and family. It was hard for us to come up with clever things to say about the pictures we took, and too many of our pictures ended up with captions like “lit AF.” We created Quoth to help people come up with better things to say about their pictures. Quoth takes a picture you provide, determines what’s in it, and matches it with a famous quote based on what’s in the picture. Under the hood, Quoth uses computer vision APIs from Clarifai and Apple to determine the attributes of an image. It also extracts color and facial information from the image to help you create a good-looking picture+quote combination. Download the app and send a funny or inspirational picture to your best friend! And please send us feedback- we’d love to hear what you think and see some of your awesome creations.
Tal Botnar
Tal Botnar@tal_botnar · Creator pokerlounge.co
@andy_brown4 @debarshi I tried it, but after 5 mins of "analyzing my photo", I stopped it. I suggest putting a stop timer after a couple minutes if the app can't analyze the photo.
Debarshi Chaudhuri
Debarshi ChaudhuriMaker@debarshi · Maker at Quoth
@andy_brown4 @tal_botnar Oh, yikes. Sorry about that. That’s a great suggestion- we’ll put that in the next version of the app. Did the issue resolve itself after restarting the app?
Chase Grause
Chase Grause@chase_grause
@debarshi Yes, Debarshi! This is great!
Boris Berenberg
Boris Berenberg@imatincr · Atlas Authority
How much of this is the fact that quotes can essentially be "cold reading" and be slapped on any image and still feel relevant?
Debarshi Chaudhuri
Debarshi ChaudhuriMaker@debarshi · Maker at Quoth
@imatincr It’s true that quotes can often feel relevant on a variety of images. In our case, we’re using the attributes of an image to match to a quote- the app actually shows you which attribute the quote matched on!
Yash Bhardwaj
Yash Bhardwaj@yash · CRO & Growth Hacking
If this actually works then the real gold is hidden in Instagram Captions. Millions of people struggle to write on. What if there was an app which suggested a caption after analysis of the image.
Debarshi Chaudhuri
Debarshi ChaudhuriMaker@debarshi · Maker at Quoth
@yash Yup, we've been hearing that problem from a lot of people as well. Stay tuned. 😉
imad chakri
imad chakri@imadchakri · Founder and CEO @PocketDoc
Simple and Innovative idea