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Hi guys, We see a lot of great inspirational quotes on terrible slides. While there are so many awesome photos available. Therefore, we came up with a very simple service: Quotes on Slides. Inspirational quotes on stunning slides with automatic monthly delivery. It's quite simple. We collect the most inspirational quotes (on entertainment, innovation, leadership and sports) and display them on stunning visuals. We always use high-res imagery. It will probably prove to be a very useful tool for people that give a lot of presentations and would like to spice things up a bit. Will save quite some effort browsing around for the good stuff. Give it a try. We've created a free Product Hunt #giveaway for you to explore!
@mvdheuvel simple and smart, I like it ;)
Where are you getting the images from? if they're cc then what's to stop me from just replicating the slides? If they're copyrighted then how is selling them legal?
@achangeofcoast def curious to the answer here, since i have a domain for something similar.
@achangeofcoast The images are indeed CC. So nothing stops you from creating your own 'quotes on slides'. But except for the free giveaway, you can only access our handcrafted slides by subscribing to our service. We do the hard work for you, selecting the quotes, finding the photos and creating the slides :-)
I like this. The simplicity of it is lovely in that you don't need to do anything except place it in your deck. It remains to be seen whether folks will pay for them. I would also expect people may ask for 4:3 versions as well as 16:9 format.
@craigjbarber Let's hope they'll pay for it ;-) And the resolution for now is indeed 16:9 only. However, we designed all slides in such a way that they'll work on 4:3 as well.
Update 3: We have changed some things around in the past couple of months. I would just like to introduce you to our latest feature: The Quotes Randomizer. Give it a spin at http://quotesonslides.com/random/
Update 2: Thanks for your feedback guys. You'll be pleased to know that we've decided to drop the required Credit Card registration for the free tier. So feel free to register with just your email address, completely free! http://quotesonslides.com :-)