Quotes generated using recurrent neural networks
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Hey ! I worked on this small project that generates quotes using recurrent neural nets. After reading through the output, some of the quotes turned out to be pretty nice so I decided to make wallpapers out of a few. I hope you find some of the quotes entertaining !!! :D Shoutout to @marie_dm_ and the whole women make community for the 30 day challenge. :D
@t0be Congrats on your launch Tobe! πŸ™Œ I think I really liked this one: "Freedom is an impasse". πŸ˜‚
very cool, love it.
@theshawe Thanks a lot! :)
Congrats on the launch Tobe! Love the simplicity of going through the quotes by simply pressing the next and previous buttons 😊
I love this! The quotes don’t always make sense, but still loads of fun.