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Pretty slick product addition to the DOZ suite of marketing software. This is quite possibly the fastest way to get new marketing campaigns up and running from pricing to launch.
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@hnshah Just spotted this, your mention of Doz and so I thought I'd investigate further... All good, I started filling in my User Profile etc. and then... the World came crashing down... 'ish' and I'm stopped in my tracks. When choosing my default currency the options available opt's are: USD / EURO / ... thats it. No GBP (Sterling / Pounds Sterling). As you are already well aware I am greeted my the alert 'Once saved this cannot be changed'. Are you able to comment on when support for our noble will be made available so I can try again. Thanking you kindly, j.
@atomicsprite Hey Jamie, let me jump here :-) First thank you for checking out what we've built! For now, the self-service version of DOZ is only supporting USD and EUR; and we'll make sure to support more currencies as we grow. However, we can still bill in GBP if you are interested, just send me an email to anji (at) doz.com. Best,
@anjismail Thanks Anji, will do.
Hello everyone and thank you @hnshah for posting Quoter here. With the team at DOZ we have been working on making marketing more accessible, smoother, and more transparent over the past 3 years. During this time we have been able to run over a thousand complete marketing campaigns consisting of over 50,000 individual marketing tasks from the most complex consulting work to producing short social media posts. We realized, though, that there was still one point of friction that we had to remove: the friction to get started. The reality is that everybody wants to start marketing, but very few people know what to do first or how to proceed after that. In search of a solution, we put all of the data we had gathered at DOZ to work. We combined more than 3 million data points with a matching algorithm and an easy, AI-powered chat that allows anyone to get started marketing fast. With Quoter anyone can get a plan and a locked-in price to start achieving their concrete marketing milestones. There’s no need to wait a week or two, as most agencies ask clients to do. If you like the price and like the plan, you can be up and running almost instantly. The system will get better and better as more discussions are started, so feel free to try it out and forward your feedback to founders@doz.com. Happy Quoting! :-)
@anjismail Getting started is certainly the hurdle, for the client (and for you!) You show a conversational quoting process, but Get Started takes me to a lead form, which kinda feels like me giving you a bunch of valuable info so you can call me back. Will this be getting more interactive in the future? @doz
@allantear thanks! First questions asked in the lead form help to get the right quote (website / industry / goals etc.). We would be able to make this process quicker and more interactive as we are getting more discussions on Quoter.
An awesome improvement by DOZ. This is the future of marketing campaigns. Well done DOZ !! I upvote
Can't wait to try it for Frenchery.com next marketing campaigns
Congrats to the DOZ Team. This is definitely a killer feature!