Save your favorite highlights in an instant.

Quoter saves your best highlights blazing fast,

It echoes back your highlights to you to reinforce them and keep you motivated, productive and disciplined

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Often, I come across interesting quotes or tips that are worth saving. I’m lazy, so I needed a way to save them effortlessly – otherwise, I would forget or procrastinate. I also wanted a pop out every now and then to remind me of my highlights, so I don’t have to manually check the quotes. Then I hacked together a workflow that saves quotes using a shortcut and a cronjob that shows a random quote periodically (every 6 hours). I used this setup for almost two years and it worked perfectly. Recently I decided to make the quotes accessible from the menu bar with the ability to easily change configurations and manage the quotes. I worked with a friend who had similar needs and so Quoter was born 🎉🎉 It just works and doesn’t get in your way. It’s configurable and lightweight (~3 MB compressed and have small footprint). Hope you like it
@evexoio Looks good. Add some inspirational quotes to it by default like https://heyfocus.com has :)
@deadcoder0904 Nice, will do for sure! I actually put a couple of inspirational quotes when I started developing the app. later made the default quote, and instruction on how to use the app, I can have the instruction and a couple of quotes no problem :)