❝ Turn your pictures into personalized quote photos ❝

πŸ‘‹Hi hunters!
QuotePik helps create beautiful quote photos for your personal brand within seconds.
No need to Google to find quotes and then spending time on editing photos.
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Cool! I find it super easy to create pics with quotations. Clean and simple interface. You should allow users to add custom quotes too, other than that works amazingly.
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@hasan_ali_hasan_ glad you liked it. Yeah that's in the pipeline for next update.
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Sup guys! πŸŽ‰ Super excited to launch my second product on Product Hunt. So we created Quotepik. It's a content tool which allows you to create quote photos within seconds. Our initial plan was to use this for our own use, but later decided to make it public as well. QuotePik saves your time and effort from finding quotes on Google and then creating and editing it on Photoshop or Canva. It has very easy to use, fast UI. You can even create photos on click on button. πŸ‘‰ Give it a try: https://quotepik.com Feel free to drop your feedback and suggestions below.
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"Hi everyone! I coded Quotepik's whole architecture. It was fun to work on it's stack. If you have any technical questions for me. Drop down below Peace!
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Nice work @usama_khalid Think it's a great tool for content marketers, generate quote-based contents on social media. Other than quotes related contents, would be cool if it can generate product showcase, eCommerce swipe files / content swipe files to make social media marketing easier.
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