Create price calculator forms with conditional pricing

#3 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2019
QuoteForm creates an instant price quote for your clients. If you offer a service with multiple pricing options. You can change pricing based on conditions selected by users, which is difficult to do with other forms
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Looks cool! any coupon code for product hunters? :)
@mister_hatch_ should have done that, but I never thought of receiving any interest, let alone so many views from product hunt :) .
@shivam_prasad1 you can certainly implement a coupon code now! ;D
@mister_hatch_ Haha! The pricing is low compared to other form builders on the market but we may add a coupon code in our newsletter, so keep an eye out!
Really great product! Are the forms embeddable?
@lachlankirkwood Yes. As a demo, a form is embedded on the landing page!
Hi Product Hunt! I built quoteform to be the easiest way to automate your price quotations and save time with back and forth communication regarding your pricing. It also provides transparent pricing to your clients, making them happy and fetching you better leads. Existing ways to create such forms involve complex formulas or adapting a survey form as a pricing form. QuoteForm is purpose built to quote your service pricing, especially for freelancers, graphic designers and the like. Try it for free and let me know if it was useful!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
Thanks Ayush! Will look forward to your feedback