Google Forms for quotes with live pricing

Quotechimp lets customers pick their choices in your quotes and reservations through simple forms with live pricing. a.k.a. Google Forms for quotes and revervations.
Best of all? It's completely free!
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Hi PH, We've been working on Quotechimp as an internal tool after a customer from another service contacted us for a quote of a mobile app he wanted to develop. After talking with him and gathering some informations, we decided to create a personalized quote for him with various features he could choose from. From our side, we wanted to show alongside the feature also the cost, so that the customer could have a quick understanding of how much the final price would be. After searching online for already developed solutions we weren't satisfied with what we found, and that's how Quotechimp was born. Quotechimp is useful, if you: ✔ Want to prepare a quote or reservation: and you want to offer a personalized experience based on customer needs; ✔ Let customers choose between variants: with dynamic price based on the chosen one; ✔ Live and transparent dynamic price calculation: when a new pick is made by the customer, both quote and final price are directly updated for the customer to see live; ✔ Have everything under control: we provide you not only with the tools to gather these informations, but also to access and manage them, trough a custom designed control center; ✔ Want a fast, simple and free solution: just a handful of similar solutions exists and most require you to setup a full server to work. Plus this is going to be free as well, with paid options just for higher response quotas and more content branding. Upcoming features : ✔ Accept payments and booking fees: directly inside forms, making it fast and easy for you to accept payments directly from customers; ✔ Brand your quotes and reservation processes: make your brand recognizable and stand out with custom options just for this; We've finished last week working on the core components, and it may still be rough around the edges, but it has been already useful for us and we hope it's gonna be helpfull also for you as well! Of course we're continuing working on it, since it's primarly a tool we use inside. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Tidy little tool any chance of adding GBP (£) and other currency options?
@martyn_bromley1 Thanks for the feedback! I've quickly added support for GBP, and for sure will add more in the coming days!
Hope INR currency will be added.