Quotebook 3

Collect quotes that matter on iOS

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Matthew Bischoff
Matthew BischoffMaker@mb · iOS at Lickability
Hey all, I’m Matt Bischoff. One of the three guys behind Lickability, a small app studio in New York. Quotebook 3 is our third major update and is the result of hundreds of hours of work. I’d be happy to answer questions or listen to feedback. Cheers!
James Koole
James Koole@deleted-21562
@mb Congrats on the launch. These types of niche, single purpose apps are awesome. Some might say, "Why not just use Evernote?" but to have a purpose-built app that is tailored specifically to quotes is great. ps. I'm also happy to see a Hover customer turning great ideas into reality.
Matthew Bischoff
Matthew BischoffMaker@mb · iOS at Lickability
@jameskoole Thanks James. On that very topic, my friend Steven Hackett just wrote a great little post: http://www.512pixels.net/blog/20.... I <3 Hover
Adam Kazwell
Adam Kazwell@kaz · Product manager/observer
@mb Hey Matt, any plans to offer importing from Evernote or Dropbox? Not looking forward to duplicating a lot of data entry :/
Belle Beth Cooper
Belle Beth Cooper@bellebcooper · Co-founder, exist.io
@mb Hey Matt, So excited to see this release—I've been looking forward to it for a while now. I love that I can send quotes to Tumblr, too. I have a weird edge case where I'm sending quotes to Tumblr so I can pick them up with IFTTT and log them in Day One using Sifttter, so I'm happy to be able to continue that workflow. One note: I think it would be nice to mention in the app's description/release notes that importing from Tumblr (maybe Facebook too, I haven't tried that) requires giving up your Tumblr password. I guess there's no Tumblr OAuth option, but I didn't know that and was disappointed to have to provide Quotebook with my Tumblr login details.
Matthew Bischoff
Matthew BischoffMaker@mb · iOS at Lickability
@kaz Totally understand. Evernote data isn't really structured in a way that'd work for us, but Dropbox is on our roadmap!
Oskar van Rijswijk
Oskar van Rijswijk@deleted-86620
Drafts (earlier versions) had already had staying power in my dock. I use Drafts many times each day as the place where all my typing starts. With this update to Drafts 4 Greg @agiletortoise Pierce not only added many handy features under the hood, but also made the app easier to use. Kudos!