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Alex MoskovskiMaker@alex_moskovski · I make and monetize software.
Hi guys 🙋 There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr and other marketplaces dedicated to make one of the most shareable content of all times, image quotes. This app is a little vending machine for such content. Simple, cheap, and safe for commercial use. I'm going to share everything I learned while building this SaaS in one of my upcoming articles on Medium. Things like: - How to accept payments globally while being a small company in a third-world country (🇷🇺Russia, in my case) - How to build a real-world app while trying to master a new framework (Laravel) - And, as usual, I'm going to share some financial stats Will be happy to answer your questions and get your feedback ✌️ Cheers!
Toni Codina@tcodinat · Product designer & owner of Noon Studios
@alex_moskovski That's a cool idea! I'm sure will come in handy for many.
Alex MoskovskiMaker@alex_moskovski · I make and monetize software.
@tcodinat thanks! It will be a real fun to market it.
Bettina R.@bettinadraws · Artist bettinadraws.com
@alex_moskovski Hi Alex, Brazilian with Russian grandparents here, currently going through that nightmare called "No, I don't want Paypal to keep 15% of my gains just because I live in this shithole" so I'm looking for your article. Mind to share your profile?
Alex MoskovskiMaker@alex_moskovski · I make and monetize software.
@bettinadraws Sure, here it is https://medium.com/@moskovski It wasn't so hard in my case, just their usual screening and something like 3.9% fee. But there are a lot of weird conditions like Russian residents can't pay each other in USD, so basically QuoteArtist operates in every single country besides the one it's incorporated in. So. Freaking. Weird. I definitely can feel your pain.
Dharmesh Shah@dharmesh · Founder and CTO, HubSpot
@alex_moskovski Congrats on the launch. Any plans to release an API so devs could just build on top of what you've done? (I need something like this for GrowthBot -- a chatbot I'm working on -- and would rather not build it myself).
Anthony David Adams@anthonyadams · Peripheral Visionary.
I couldn't find pricing without having to sign up, am I missing something?
Alex MoskovskiMaker@alex_moskovski · I make and monetize software.
@anthonyadams Thanks, will put it on the main page! The price depends on the quantity and the type of content, so it's going to be a slider or something.
Alan Houser@pixelmelter · Founder - Designer at Squareflair
Is charging for this going to keep it from being useful?
Alex MoskovskiMaker@alex_moskovski · I make and monetize software.
@pixelmelter To some extent, yes. But users are used to paying in this niche, so it's not an issue. I should put prices on the main page, though.
Heeren Tanna@heerentanna · Digital Markter
site is not working, is the tool still available ?