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Guleed Abdi
Guleed AbdiMaker@gabdi_ · Entrepreneur & App Developer ✌
Hi everyone, I couldn't find a nicely designed app that would give me a motivational boost each morning, so I build the Quote of the Day app! The app gives you an inspiring quote every morning, so you can start each day motivated! It also has a Today Widget to keep you motivated throughout the day, as well as an Apple Watch extension. I hope you like it and would love to hear your feedback 😀
Damian Rees
Damian Rees@damianrees · Director, Experience UX
Interesting idea. Not sure about the price point though. Does it offer enough value at that price point?
Keith Barney
Keith Barney@keithbarney · Sr UX/UI Designer & Developer
Can the notification be the quote itself? I see "Your quote is ready" but I'd rather not open an app if you can just push it to me.
Guleed Abdi
Guleed AbdiMaker@gabdi_ · Entrepreneur & App Developer ✌
@keithbarney Hi Keith! Unfortunately not, as there is a character limit of 235 characters for the banner notifications - and most of the quotes would end up being truncated!
Marc Lindsay
Marc Lindsay@marc_lindsay
I love the idea of the daily quote, but I would rather get the quote texted. No notifications