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Beautiful image quotes for your social media accounts

Automatically generated image quotes for your Instagram!
I got this idea when I was browsing Instagram and noticed lots of official accounts that only share images with beautiful quotes and wanted to do something that could automatically generate them.
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I wanted to build something around social media and this idea looked like something I could try and practice using backend technologies to achieve this. Done with ImaeMagick, Cloudinary and Sidekiq I had a lot of fun building this and hope you like it! Would you be interested in a blog post on the technical aspects of building this idea? Is this something useful to you or do you see an interesting angle that I could build into this? Thanks! πŸ™
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@ignacioaal That's great! And I am interested for a blog post about the Cloudinary part
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Great idea, but not very well executed. I purchased this, the payment process was bugged and I got an Error 522 "Connection Timed Out". But the payment then still went through. I then received my images by email. I purchased 30 images and received 22 of them. And on some the words bleed over the edge of the image, so are unusable. All in all, not great. But glad I only purchased the $2 package in the end! It's a shame, because it's a simple but great idea.
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@johnsteerfowler John! Many thanks for testing the service, I'm checking out what happened and noticed some bugs that I'm fixing as we speak. I'm sorry for this so I will refund your payment immediately and send you the premium package with modified images as a thank you πŸ™
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@ignacioaal Hi Ignacio. Thanks for the response. That's great to hear you are fixing some of the bugs already. Glad I could help highlight them for them to be resolved. I really appreciate your good customer service and attitude towards your product. Sometimes the attitude of the creator is more important than the initial quality of a product/service. Because if you are willing to improve and open to feedback, then your product will always get better. Keep up the good work!
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We made something similar https://quotes.pub/ will be launching fully soon.
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@evivz Yours looks good too and with a different take on the same thing, can't wait for you to launch it good luck!
@evivz @ignacioaal i am also working on something similar. just in the construction phase. I need a good image maker s/w for it.. https://quotesidea.com is gonna be full fledge soon.
Great product! Are the quotes themselves automatically generated based on a certain topic? Would be really interested to know the details of the product in a blog post πŸ‘
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@lachlankirkwood for this version I decided to just have one topic but that’s a great feature to have! Will definitely do that!
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@ignacioaal Sounds great, looking forward to it!
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Congrats Ignacio. I myself love this kind of IG posts and have tried many typography apps to achieve the same. I'll look forward to try your service sometime soon. Keep it up!
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@omtnt many thanks Omar! Will be waiting for your feedback πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ