Clean RSS client with Feedly support

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Aside from the Feedly app itself, this is probably Android's best RSS client. Clean, spacious and works well. Ad supported, but you can pay to remove ads.
Looks like an Android equivalent of Newsify, a great client for iOS. Good stuff.
Poll: do you guys still use RSS? As many, I was outraged when google closed greader. Reading it was part of my daily routine as start of day. After greader closed, I tried several alternatives, mostly sticking with TheOldReader and Feedly for a while. At some point (not sure exactly when), I stopped using them in favor of reddit and HN. Nowadays, there's something else that do the job for me: the curated news from google now when swiping left on home screen in android-6. I totally love this, because it will show me news not based on which websites I like but on which interests I had lately. Should I make extensive searches on a matter some day, I know I will see news about it in my feed the following days. That's the definitive RSS killer for me, too bad it came so late.
@oelmekki I do use RSS, mainly as sites such as Reddit and Google display what they want you to see; with RSS, I *only* get what I subscribe to.
@niklaspivic666 Funny how things change within a few years :) I actually stopped using Google Feed as privacy concerns got more and more prominent. Nowadays, I almost exclusively use RSS as news source, like in the 2000s. The main feature I was interested in Google Feed for was discoverability. Several tools allowed me to implement it through RSS : * BetaList / PH / HN RSS feeds * following interesting accounts on github and subscribing to timeline RSS feed (so I see what cool new projects they're starring in my aggregator) * google Alerts The last one was a breakthrough for me, when I realized that not only could I register keywords and have updates on them, but google Alert also allows to get a RSS feed for each keyword. So basically, all of that allows me to have best of both worlds. I have this idea of building this app that would locally parse my webhistory to extract keywords of interest and manage google alerts for them (so I get the best feature of Google Feed while still maintaining strong privacy), but my described stack has been good enough for now so I didn't feel any urgency in it.
@oelmekki Nice ideas, I must say! I'm guessing that the so-called decentralised web will open up to more broad-minded ideas that involve pattern-finding techniques that don't open up a Pandora's box to companies that want to mine our data for their own financial benefit. Cheers.