All the features of WhatsApp with community management built in
Whether you're an influencer who wants to connect with their fans, a club that arranges regular meetups or a private group that discusses a topic, Quorum lets you create subscription based chats
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Hey Everyone πŸ‘‹, Thanks for checking us out! We made Quorum to provide some of the moderation, payment, and security features that are missing from the chat apps we use to talk to our friends. WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Telegram etc. are fantastic products but they're built with general conversations in mind. Private communities need better moderation and privacy controls to ensure that conversations stay on topic and private data (like phone numbers or full names), isn't unnecessarily shared between members. Super important now after GDPR and CCPA. Small sports clubs need easy payment options to allow for subscriptions and one-off payments to be collected. Influencers need tools to monetize passionate fans and stay connected with them in a way that keeps them engaged. Today, people either hack together some different services to try and collect payment while using popular chat platforms OR they use heavy community management tools that lose the familiar feel of chat. We're hoping that Quorum will be a solution that fits in the middle. We'd love your feedback 😊 Thanks, Patrick
So is this like Whatsapp and Patreon had a baby?
@connor_duignan haha exactly the use case for creators! With the added benefit that fans get to interact with each other in the chat as well
@eoghanmccabe thanks Eoghan! We learned from the best 😊
Looks a very interesting idea. Like Whatsapp meets Substack!
@darragh_moran Haha that's pretty much our exact "X for Y" pitch right now!
@darragh_moran that's how we think about it too for authors/publishers :) It's equally useful as a replacement for WhatsApp and Venmo when you're organizing a trip or excursion
This is great! There are so many problems when it comes to monetizing and engaging close-knit communities